Monday, 30 November 2015

Violence Breaks Out At APC Secretariat In Abuja

Despite heavy security presence, the thugs from rival groups defied the cordon, broke loose and unleashed violence on anyone in sight around the national secretariat of the All Progressives Congress on Monday afternoon.
Policemen on duty had a hectic time controlling the rival groups who stormed the place by 2.30pm. In what looked like a moment of madness, rival groups who accompanied both aspirants, Bello and Faleke, unleashed violence at the secretariat, attacking  each other and anyone in sight.

The rampaging youths threw stones, hit each other with sticks and smashed cars. In the end, many people sustained injuries while many of the cars parked within the vicinity of the party office were damaged.
Even security men had to hide for safety from rampaging and stick- wielding youths who threw stones and sticks at people.
The agitated youths are still taking positions around the secretariat just reinforcement of security were being made by the party leadership.
Meanwhile, the leadership is going into a meeting which is expected to end with the formal presentation of one of them to the public as the new APC governorship candidate for the December 5, supplementary election.

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