Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Nigeria: 800,000 Children Die Yearly of Malnutrition in Nigeria

MALNUTRITION remains a major public health and development issue in Nigeria. It is responsible for the death of about 800,000 under-five children every year in the country.
This was contain in the communique issued at the end of a two- day interactive session between MNCH coalition, the Gombe State House of Assembly and other top government officials in Bauchi, Bauchi, State during the week.

Participants at the interactive session therefore, emphasized the need to address the issue of malnutrition in the state, just as they urged relevant agencies to partner and collaborate with the Ministry of Economic Planning, which has the mandate to coordinate food and nutritional activities in the state.
They further stressed the need for the release of the 2015 appropriation for Nutritional activities, adding that the combination of the dwindling oil prices in the international market, devaluation of the Nigerian currency, foreign and domestic debt, insecurity in the North Eastern States, inflation rate and their impact on the Nigerian
Economy, might make it impossible for the government to commit resources needed to provide solution to malnutrition in the state.

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