Sunday, 8 November 2015

Indigenous People of Biafra retains Sluiter to file case against Buhari before ICC:

T.A.T - The indigenous people of Biafra have retained Dutch lawyer, Prof. Dr. Göran Sluiter, according to an iReport in CNN.

According to the report,  Sluiter has been instructed to file a criminal complaint against Nigerian President Buhari before the International Criminal Court (ICC), on account of crimes against humanity.

CNN however added a caveat that the report was not independently verified by it.

The people of Biafra, living in the South of Nigeria, have been trying to exercise their right to self-determination for decades now, the report said.

It further alleged that the Biafrans  have been systematically oppressed by the Nigerian government and have suffered serious human rights violations, amounting to crimes against humanity.

The report further alleged that with the election of new Nigerian President Buhari, violence and crimes committed against the people of Biafra have intensified, giving an example “the recent unlawful arrest and detention of Biafra's leader, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, since 14 October 2015.”

The reporter further stated,” Prof. Dr. Sluiter is convinced that there is more than enough evidence to have the ICC Prosecutor conclude that the people of Biafra are the victim of crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC and that President Buhari plays an essential role in these crimes. He also points out that the situation in Nigeria –including other crimes committed by Buhari, namely the electoral violence of 2011- has been under preliminary examination of the ICC for some time now and that the moment has come for the Prosecutor of the ICC to launch a full criminal investigation.

“The criminal complaint will be finalized on short notice and will –in the interests of justice and transparency- be made available to the public.”

iReport is a forum in CNN where people file in reports on issues around them, which ordinarily might not be captured by the organisations reporters. The report on Biafra may just be one by one of the apologists of the Nnamdi Kanu promoted organisation to project the issues concerning their project, as they did with radio Biafra before it was shut out of the air by Nigerian authorities.

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