Friday, 6 November 2015

Frightened dog boards British train to escape fireworks

 T.A.T - An exceptionally furry passenger visited Britain's Northern Rail train service, as a frightened dog boarded a train to escape Halloween fireworks.
Buddy, a 7-year-old Stafford bull terrier, fled his home in Retford and traveled 24 miles toward Sheffield before being guided home by British Transport Police.
"Unfortunately, he was startled onto the train at Retford after some fireworks went off but thankfully made a friend on board who he sat with until the train arrived at Sheffield," a Northern Rail spokesman told the Retford Times.
During his trip, Buddy made an impression on the train's conductor, identified only as Daniel, who ensured that police helped him find his way home.
"He was a lovely dog," he said. "Really friendly and great company. I'm so pleased he was reunited with his owner."
Lauren Trenham, Buddy's owner, initially learned of her beloved pooch's wild ride after posting about his absence on Facebook.
"After I posted the appeal on Facebook a guy posted that he had seen a Staffy boarding the 5:58pm train to Sheffield. I thought he was winding me up," she told the Times.
Despite her skepticism, Trenham called the train station and learned that Buddy had, in fact boarded the train and was being held in a pound in Sheffield.
She then made the drive out to Sheffield to reunite with Buddy, having learned a valuable lesson.
"Now we know how scared he is of fireworks," said Trenham. "We're all staying in with him on Bonfire night with the curtains drawn!"

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